domestic-violenceBeing accused of abusing your spouse, intimate partner, grandparents or child physically or emotionally can result in charges of domestic violence being filed. You can be arrested for physical violence or verbal threatening. Unfortunately, today police rarely use any discretion in making arrests in a domestic violence setting. Domestic violence is a very serious crime in Connecticut, and the damage caused to the accused is legally and emotionally devastating.

If you are currently being investigated for, or have been accused of or formally charged with domestic abuse it would be in your best interest to retain the services of a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney. It is important because a criminal defense, domestic violence lawyer will strengthen your case by using his or her experience, skill, education and knowledge of Connecticut domestic violence laws when defending your case before a judge in the Connecticut courts.

Domestic violence can include sexual abuse, intimidation, threats or deprivation of daily human activities and rights. If you are convicted of domestic violence you will face jail time, restitution, fines, probation, counseling and a mark on your criminal record for life. You can also lose your rights to employment within government agencies and elsewhere, carry a handgun and many other rights that the most citizens are able to benefit from. We are domestic violence lawyers. Our office appears in the Waterbury Courts on a daily basis. We know who to see and how to get your case through the court as easily and painlessly as possible.

What Happens After an Arrest

Once a person is arrested by the police, they will be arraigned the following day.  It is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer prior to going to court the next day.  You will see a representative from family relations.  These representatives will discuss the allegations against you and will make recommendations as to whether a Protective Order should be issued by the Court.  If the court issues a partial protective order you are prohibited from harassing, assaulting, threatening, or sexual assaulting your partner.  If the Court issues a Full Protective Order, you are prohibited from entering your home or even speaking with your spouse.  It is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer who will fight to keep you in your home.  Sometimes the Family Relations people will recommend that the court issue a Full Protective Order even if the alleged victim does not want one.  If a full protective order issued, then you cannot enter the family home, call, email, text, instant message, etc. the victim in any manner.  This order remains in effect even if the alleged victim wants to have contact with you.  The Protective Order will remain in effect until the case comes to an end which can take a very long time depending on the allegations.

If you violate the protective order it is a very serious felony punishable by up to 5 years in jail.  Sometimes the courts will modify Protective Orders.  Hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer how knows how the system works.

At the Bojka Law Offices will provide you with excellent criminal defense for your domestic violence charge.  I have represented countless people, both men and women charged with domestic violence. We try our hardest to make sure the law works for you. We constantly keep up with new laws and look forward to providing you with an excellent outcome for your domestic violence case

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

If you are faced with a domestic violence charge contact Bojka Law offices to speak to an attorney who can provide you the best criminal defense. We constantly keep up with new laws and have years of experience representing, both men and women charged with domestic violence.

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