A criminal charge of Violation of Probation is one of the most challenging of criminal cases to defend.  The Connecticut criminal Courts will sometime put a citizen on probation in stead of sending them to jail.  People tend to believe that if someone is put on probation they “got off.”  This is not the case.  Probation is a very burdensome process to go through.

Once someone is given probation, he must abide by all the conditions of probation.  A judge of the court has wide discretion to impose any number of conditions on someone on probation.

Some common conditions of probation are:


  1. Not commit any new crimes
  2. Drug evaluation
  3. Drug treatment.
  4. Seek and maintain employment.
  5. Specific Counseling depending on the charges.
  6. Stay away from the victim.
  7. Stay away from a particular place.
  8. Restitution
  9. Random Urine testing for illegal drugs.

Although there are other conditions depending on the circumstances, these are some of the most common.

If someone violates any condition imposed by the court or conditions imposed by probation, then he/she may be charged with a violation of probation.

There are significant difficulties in defending a violation of probation charge.  The accused does not have a right to a jury.  The case is presented before a judge.  The judge decides whether or not any condition was violated.  If the judge decides that the accused did indeed violate probation then he may sentence him up the the suspended portion of the his probation sentence.  There is very little tolerance for a violation of probation in the State on Connecticut.  If you are believe you have violated probation, you should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.  Sometimes, the matter can be resolved prior to being arrested.  Once arrested you will be required to navigate the complex Connecticut Criminal justice system.

Don't Violate Probation!

Remember, being put on probation does not mean you “got off” and the consequences for violating probation can pose significant difficulties in your defense.

There is very little tolerance for a violation of probation in the State on Connecticut.

Your best defense is to get an experienced Connecticut defense attorney who knows the the Connecticut Criminal Court system.