Connecticut is one of the toughest states in the country possessing a controlled substance.  Having as little is 2 gram of cocaine or crack can lead to a jail sentence of up to 7 years in jail A controlled substance is defined as illegal drugs that are classified by the government as being dangerous.  Drug possession typically goes hand in hand with drug sales. Drugs typically found in possession and/or sold on the street are: cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, PCP, heroin, LSD and ecstasy.  Fortunately, Connecticut has a number of drug programs available to people charged with drug crimes.  These programs offer someone charged with drugs to keep a clean criminal history.  Just because there are programs available does not mean you should use any program.  Some you can use only once, others you can use again depending on what happened in your prior arrests.  It can be very complicated.  Do not use a program simply because a prosecutor suggests it.  The prosecutor is not there to protect your rights.  He is there to punish you.  Before you make any decisions, you should consult with an experienced drug defense lawyer who practices in court.  We are in criminal court just about every day, and have the experience necessary to navigate an otherwise complicated system.

Oftentimes, if drugs are found in your possession you may be charged by law enforcement with drug sales as well, even if the drugs were for your own personal use.  The differences in the charges that can be brought against you for drug crimes are extreme.  You could be looking at a community service or a lifetime behind bars. Penalties for a drug charge are based on the type and amount of drug in your possession, intent to sell, or distribute, your past criminal arrests and the circumstances surrounding your case.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you have been arrested and charged with a drug possession charge, you should hire a professional and qualified drug crimes defense attorney.  At the Bojka Law Offices we have the experience and skills to offer you professional, yet aggressive representation.

A good drug lawyer can make all the difference in your drug possession case.  A lawyer will attempt to have the charges against you lowered or dismissed altogether. An experienced drug defense lawyer will fight for your constitutional rights and will do everything possible to keep you out of jail.

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worried-manWhether this is your first conviction or your fifth, we will provide you with our best criminal defense abilities for your drug possession case.  Contact our office today to speak with an experienced drug defense lawyer.
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